Salvador Casanova S.L. we evolve each day striving to go further in our sector and to ensure that all our customers feel satisfied with the service provided.

Salvador Casanova S.L. has more than 40 years of experience in the construction of Industrial and Textil machinery




In this way, and today, Salvador Casanova S.L.  has more than 2000 m2  of which more than half are destined for the construction of machinery

Quality guarantee:

It has a team of professionals that provides to its clients a service of manufacturing and maintenance, also can advise on new projects on its facilities.


Process control:

The most important thing for the fulfilment of the objectives for the client and the company internally is the coordination between all the departments involved.

Technology and innovation:

In its office it designs and develops any project that will provide the customer.

You only have to present your ideas and we do a thorough study of the project and especially your project will be treated with absolute confidentiality.


Respect for the environment:

To prevent the deterioration of the environment and pollution, guidelines have been established that, from their origin, have led Salvador Casanova to a total commitment to respect the environment.

These guidelines have been applied through the use of high quality raw materials, the most advanced technology and the specific processes of recycling and saving

Our own concept of evolution: advancing to innovation, taking care of the environment

Salvador Casanova

Do you have an idea?

Tell us about your project and we will make it happen.